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ProForm Kicking
 Students - Youth, High School, College, Professional 

Featured Athletes:

*Brian MoormanBrian is an NFL veteran of 12 years and a two-time All-Pro Punter from the Buffalo Bills.  Brian was a teammate of Mike Hollis' during the 2002 season in Buffalo and a student in ProForm Kicking Academy during his off-seasons! CLICK HERE FOR BRIAN'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Nick NovakNick spent some time with the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins in 2005-06 converting on 8 of 10 field goal attempts.  He also spent part of the 2008 season with the Kansas City Chiefs converting on 6 of 10 field goal attempts.  Nick has also played for the San Diego Chargers (2011-2014), Houston Texans (2015-2016), and back with the Chargers in 2017.  Nick has an extraordinary leg and has grasped the ProForm Kicking style and is running with it!  CLICK HERE FOR NICK'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Nick Harris: Nick is an NFL veteran of 11 years after being drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2001.  He spent 2 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, 8 with the Detroit Lions, and 1 with the Jacksonville Jaguars; he is now back with the Detroit Lions.  He played college football at the University of California, Berkeley where he set the NCAA record for career punting yardage and earned All-American honors.  Nick has come to ProForm Kicking Academy to fine tune his skills with the intension of continuing a long punting career!

*Justin MedlockJustin is a strong kicker who was drafted in the 5th round by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007.  He spent time with the St. Louis Rams in pre-season of 2008 and is currenly signed with the Carolina Panthers.  In college, Justin was UCLA's second-most prolific scorer of all-time!  CLICK HERE FOR JUSTIN'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*John Koker:  John is one of ProForm Kicking Academy's best students!  He is extremely detailed and has a very good understanding of "ProForm!"  John spent the 2006 and 2007 seasons with the Spokane Shock (Arena) and has had other professional try-outs since then.  He spent some time with the St. Louis Rams and is currently looking to land a position back in the NFL or Arena levels.  CLICK HERE FOR JOHN'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Kenny Spencer:  Kenny is currently the kicker for the Spokane Shock of the AFL.  He is very serious about his kicking and has had NFL tryouts with the New York Jets and New England Patriots, and played for the UFL's Virginia Destroyers in late 2012.  Kenny was the AFL Kicker of the Year for the 2012 season with the Shock. CLICK HERE FOR KENNY'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Josh Smith:   Josh has spent some time with some minor league football organizations as well as some professional indoor football organizations.  He spent the 2011 season with the Richmond Raiders of the IFL and has spent a season with the Milwaukee Mustangs.  He is now part of the Pittsburgh Power team of the AFL.  Josh continues to travel to Jacksonville for private training sessions to maintain his kicking skills.

*Massimo Scaccia:   Massimo has been the kicker for the Jacksonville Sharks, Tampa Bay Storm, and Philidelphia Soul of the Arena League and has an unbelievable talent for kicking.  He came to ProForm Kicking with a very natural, but raw kicking form and has learned our technique extremely quick!  Look for Massimo in the NFL soon!  CLICK HERE FOR MASSIMO'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Shane AndrusShane is a very talented kicker who is not afraid to make small adjustments in his form.  He has a great kicking foundation and has a very good chance of a long NFL career.  He spent some time with the San Fransisco 49ers and is currently a free agent.  CLICK HERE FOR SHANE'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Taylor Rowan:  Taylor is a talented kicker with a great desire to learn and kick his best.  He played 2 seasons with the Spokane Shock (Arena) and is looking to continue in Arena or NFL.  Taylor played his college ball at Western Illinois University and spent some time with the Arkansas Twisters (AF2).  CLICK HERE FOR TAYLOR'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Karl Schmitz: Karl is a very talented athlete who excells in punting and kick offs.  He played for the Jacksonville University Dolphins and has professional potential!  Look for Karl to be playing on a pro team very soon!  CLICK HERE FOR KARL'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Alex Wulfeck (Wake Forest University)Alex is a graduate of the Bolles High School in Jacksonville and currently the punter at Wake Forest University.  He has great focus and concentration and is determined to be the best he can be! Alex was ranked #14 in the nation on ESPN's Insider for the kicker/punter position in 2008!  He was also voted 3rd team Reebok All Florida Football that same year!  CLICK HERE FOR ALEX'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Kyle Federico:  Kyle graduated early from Ponte Vedra High School in December of 2011 and earned a full scholarship at Rutgers University.  He is an extremely passionate and athletic kid who is working hard to be the best kicker he can be!  Kyle has a great kicking foundation and will be an outstanding kicker with the Scarlet Knights!  CLICK HERE FOR KYLE'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Caleb Sturgis (University of Florida):   Caleb is a star athlete for the Florida Gators.  He has an extremely strong leg and is working on a few changes in his technique.  Caleb has the potential to go very far with his kicking and ProForm Kicking Academy is pleased to be a part of helping him achieve greatness!

*Kurt Krier:   Kurt has graduated from Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville and has committed to Florida Institute of Technology.  He has been a part of our Annual Program for 2 years, which is a clear sign of his true dedication to kicking!  Kurt has a lot of talent and will be a very good kicker!  CLICK HERE FOR KURT'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Tommy OpenshawTommy is the starting kicker at Creekside High School (class of 2013) and a long time student of ProForm Kicking.  He had a great Junior season, kicking a school record 56 yard field goal!  Tommy has already had interests from colleges like Ohio State University, University of Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Air Force Academy!  CLICK HERE FOR TOMMY'S PROFILE PAGE AND VIDEO!

*Michael Barnard (NFL Free Agent):  Michael is an incredible athlete with a ton of potential.  He is a big guy with a good kicking foundation.  Michael has been to numerous NFL and UFL try-outs and will continue to pursue his intense passion for playing football at the highest level.

Other Notable Athletes:

*Brent Shorten:  Brent is ProForm Kicking Academy's first "Australian" kicker/punter.  He is a member, and place kicker, for the Jacksonville Axemen of the Rugby League.  Brent has a very strong leg and has come to ProForm Kicking to perfect his placements for the rugby team, but also to improve his field goal kicking skills for a possible shot at the pros!

*Matt Eller (University of Illinois):   Matt kicked for the University of Illinois and went to high school at Bishop Kenny in Jacksonville FL.  He is a very good athlete and earned a scholarship at UI...before working with us.

*Matt Waldron (Virginia Tech University):   Matt played his college ball at the Virginia Tech!  He led the nation in field goal percentage for the senior class in Division 1 football!  Matt is working hard to land a job at the professional level and ProForm Kicking Academy is glad to help!

*Dylan Lynch (Florida International University:   Dylan is a graduate of  Fletcher High (class of 2010) and has committed to FIU.  He has an extensive soccer background and an enormous leg!  Dylan has extensive experience kicking and will do well in college.

*Jeff Brown (Georgia Southern University)Jeff kicks for Georgia Southern University.  He is a great all-around athlete and has a lot of potential.  Jeff is also a great listener and a very dedicated kicker.

*Banner Clark (Florida State University)Banner has completed his senior season at Trinity Christian Academy (class of 2011) in Jacksonville and is a talented kicker and punter.  He has committed to attend Florida State University!

*Brandon McMullen (Pittsburgh State University):   Brandon played his college ball at Pittsburg State University (Bills Punter Brian Moorman's alumni) and plans to make a run at the professional level.  He has great flexibility, strength, and desire!

*Robby PhillipsRobby played his high school football at Fernandina High School.  He is very talented in kicking and punting and is hoping to continue his kicking at the college level.  He is also an avid soccer player.

*Mark KamphoefnerMark is a big, strong athlete from Arizona who has a powerful leg.  He is aspiring to reach the professional football level and is working hard to achieve that.

*Geoff Finn:  Geoff is a very talented kicker who has transferred from Stanton Prep to attend Fletcher High School (Class of 2011) in Jax Beach.  He will be replacing the kicking duties performed by ProForm student Dylan Lynch who is attending Florida International University.

*James Clark:  James is currently a grad student at the University of South Florida where he was the kicker and punter.  He is  a good athlete with good flexibility and has the desire to play at the next level.

*Mac Miller:  Mac travels to ProForm Kicking from Savannah Georgia.  He is an avid soccer player and has the athletic ability to do many things.  Mac continues to improve his kicking technique and should be one of the better kickers in Savannah.

*Joey Buss:  Joey has the ability to kick well and will continue to improve.  He is a very dedicated athlete and will work hard.

*Asher Holland:  Asher travels to Jacksonville from Savannah Georgia and is an avid soccer player.  He is a very good athlete and is a very talented kicker.  Asher has great leg strength and could be one of the best kickers in the state! 

*Jake Puttick:  Jake is a big, strong, athletic kid with some good flexibility.  He has played soccer for many years and is now the kicker on his Lee High School football team.  Jake has improved his kicking form and should kick very well for his team.

*Jamison DiSalvo:  Jamison comes to ProForm Kicking all the way from Ames, Iowa!  He has a good kicking foundation and a strong desire and passion for kicking.  Jamison will continue working hard and will be one of the better kickers in the state!

*Garritt Tucker:   Garritt is a grad student at Georgia Tech University who has played many years of soccer.  He spent a season with the Georgia Bandits in the semi-pro level and has aspirations of taking his field goal, kick-off, and punting skills to the next level.  Garritt has a strong leg and has the potential to be very good.

*Mason WebbMason has just completed his senior year at Morehead State University where he handled all the kicking duties.  He averaged 41.2 yards per punt with a net of 39.3 and a long of 66 yards.  He was 13 of 16 on field goal attempts with a long of 39 yards.  Mason has aspirations of punting at the professional level and ProForm Kicking will assist him with that goal!

*Jordan Rieling:   Jordan is currently a sophomore at Camden County High School (2012 class).  He is a very dedicated kicker/punter who has a good foundation and body type the this position.  Jordan has the ability to become a very good kicker and punter!

*Jake Walker:  Jake comes to ProForm Kicking from Patterson, Georgia.  He is a tall kid with great flexibility and should be a great kicker.

*Timothy Wallace:  Timothy is a very tall athlete for his age and is working on his kicking and punting form.  With his body type, he could be a pretty good punter!

*Billy HagerBilly has completed his college football career at West Liberty State College near Pittsburgh, PA.  He has hopes in taking his skills to the next level and is working hard.

*Eric Buchanan:   Eric was a three year starter on varsity as a kicker and punter for Clay High School.  He was the starting kicker and punter for the south team in the Shrine Bowl and kicked th winning field goal in that game!  Eric was also selected to 2007 All Conference Team.  He is currently the starting kicker for Walsh University and will be entering his junior year (2009).  Last year Eric connected on 6 field goals, many from 40+ yards.

*Les MulkeyLes attended Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit Mississippi.  He is a very good athlete and already has a good kicking foundation.  Les is a very good listener and is eager to learn.

*Zell JonesZell is a graduate of Stanton College Preparatory School where he was a 4 year varsity soccer player.  He attended Appalachian State University where he continued his soccer career and is now currently working back here in Jacksonville.  He graduated from Appalachian State in 2002 and is pursuing the opportunity to play at the professional level as a kicker! 

*Brandon Behr:   Brandon is a talented kicker and has a good leg.  He is a very good listener and a pleasure to work with!

*Garrett Bowe:  Garrett is a senior at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick Washington.  He is a big kid with very good athletic ability and flexibility.  Garrett has played many years of soccer and is excited about kicking for his football team.
*Chandler Mertens:  Chandler is the older brother of Conner, who both attend school in Kennewick Washington.  Chandler is a good athlete and a talented kicker.  He has a good kicking foundation that he will continue to build on.
*Conner Mertens:  Conner is the younger brother of Chandler, who both attend school in Kennewick Washington.  Conner has good athletic ability and will continue to improve on his technique.  He has a good attitude and desire to become a great kicker.
*Eli Petropoulos:  Eli is the older brother of Theo, who both attend school in Cheney Washington.  Eli is a talented athlete with a desire to be a great kicker.  He will continue to work on the proper kicking form and could be one of the better high school kickers in the Spokane area.
*Theo Petropoulos:  Theo is the younger brother of Eli, who both attend school in Cheney Washington.  Theo is a talented young kicker who has a good mental attitude and a passion for kicking.  He is a pleasure to work with!
*Daylen Cox:  Daylen is currently the kicker for University High School in Spokane Washington and is naturally talented.  He has a good kicking foundation and will be one of the better kickers/punters in the Greater Spokane League!
*Austin Rehkow:  Austin is currently a kicker at Mike Hollis' Alma Mater, Central Valley High School in Spokane Washington.  He is a good athlete with a good kicking foundation and will continue to improve.

*Parker Rowland:  Parker is a graduate of Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, FL. and is currently a sophomore at University of Florida and is working on his kicking form.  He is a very detailed person who will work to achieve his highest potential.

*Luke ArnoldLuke is a very talented multi-sport athlete who already has a great kicking foundation.  He is currently a junior at Mandarin High (class of 2011) and is looking to have a great season in 2009.

*Tyler StanleyTyler is a student at Bishop Kenny High, class of 2010.  He is looking to increase his power and accuracy and has very good potential to do just that. 

*Trey TisonTrey is a student at Pierce County High School in Blackshear Georgia, looking to kick for the varsity football team and he is a soccer player as well.  He is a very good listener and a hard worker!

*Alex ClineAlex is a very talented athlete with a lot of potential!  He is currently a student at Mandarin High and will continue to improve because of his ability to listen well and learn quickly.

*Ty SullivanTy is a young student who is very attentive and has a great attitude.  He is a fun kid and a pleasure to work with.

*Tyler RogersTyler is a young student who has great potential and a great attitude.  He is a fun kid and a pleasure to work with.

*Mike McKendreeMike is a very talented athlete playing multiple positions on his Hilliard High School football team!  Mike is fairly new to the soccer style kicking mechanics, but he is a hard worker and will improve!

*Alex GallaherAlex is currently a student at Mandarin High School and will be competing for the starting kicker position on the football team.  He has an extensive soccer background and is very talented and will continue to improve.

*Asa ZeagesAsa is a very talented young kicker that has great potential as a kicker and punter!  He is currently a junior at Palatka High School (class of 2011) and has a strong leg and good kicking foundation due to his extensive soccer background.

*Tim LewisTim is currently a student at Santa Fe High School.  He will be working hard to improve and earn a spot on the football team.  Tim has a good kicking foundation and is pretty flexible.

*Franklin VarnFranklin is a sophomore (class of 2011) at Bolles High School and is working to replace the injured senior kicker at the school who sustained a season ending injury early in the 2008 season.  Franklin has a good kicking foundation and will learn quickly!

*Aaron LevineAaron has finished his kicking career at Fletcher High School (class of 2009) in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and is very talented!  He is a strong legged kicker/punter and has had many years of soccer experience.  Aaron is looking to play soccer in college, but will always have the desire to kick again some day!

*Mitch AndersonMitch has graduated from Trinity Christian Academy (class of 2009) in Orange City, Florida.  He is fairly new to the kicking game, although he has played soccer and baseball all of his life.  Mitch has a good kicking foundation and will learn quickly!

*Luke MorrisLuke is a very talented young kicker who can be extremely good when he gets older!  He already has plans on being the starting kicker for the Bolles School, and is working hard to make that a reality!

*Alec MonrealAlec is currently a freshman at Camden County High School (class of 2013) in South Georgia and is looking to take control of the kicking duties on the freshman team.

*Brandon DuerksenBrandon now lives in Indianappolis Indiana and attends high school there (class of 2013).  He is very passionate about kicking and stays in touch with us over the phone and email with questions on his kicking form.

*Kyle Kupfer:  Kyle is a graduate of Orange Park High School (Class of 2008) where he was the team's kicker and punter for 2 years.  He has great potential as a punter/kickoff specialist!  Kyle has a naturally smooth swing already and will continue to progress from that.

*Bennett Blanton:  Bennett is a sophomore (class of 2012) at Providence High School and also plays soccer for the U15 advanced team (KYX) at First Coast Soccer Association.  He has a good kicking foundation and will learn quickly.

*Christophe Agricola:   Christophe is currently a sophomore (class of 2011) at Asheville High School in Asheville, NC.  He spends most of his summers in Jacksonville and is active in soccer and track.  Christophe is new to kicking, but has a good foundation and will improve.

*Ross Langer:   Ross graduated from Nease High School in St. Augustine, FL. in 2009 and is currently competing for a position on the Jacksonville Knights semi-pro team!  He is an athletic kid with a lot of potential.

*Nick Vogel:   Nick is a very dedicated kicker who listens intently and is understanding his new kicking form.

*Robby Liebel:   Robby travels up from St. Petersburg, FL. and has a lot of talent.  He will continue to improve as he is excited about his new technique!

*Al Carlson:   Al and his father traveled all the way across the country from Seattle Washington to work with the coaches at ProForm Kicking!  Coach Hollis will continue to work with Al in Seattle during the summer instructional camps and private training sessions.  Al is very dedicated and is a very hard worker!

*Ian Schwartz:   Ian is a kicker who already has a good foundation and a lot of potential.  He will continue to improve.

*Jared Davidson:   Jared is a great athlete and has a lot of power.  He continues to improve his technique and will be the starting kicker for Ed White High School in Jacksonville FL.  Jared and his brother Josh are both ProForm Kicking students.

*Josh Davidson:   Josh is a young kicker with good control.  He is a good athlete and continues to improve his technique.  Josh and his brother Jared are both ProForm Kicking students.

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