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ProForm Virtual Training Program Details
Your only virtual coaching source for the most effective and efficient way of kicking...backed by science!

Why is ProForm so Special?

How does one begin to describe the philosophical ceiling of kicking? The profound blend of fluidity, perfected ratios, and efficient biomechanics? There’s an intrinsic connection to the aesthetics of the universe within the mathematical laws that make everything the way that it is. From the very structure of an atom to the spiraling arms of the Milky Way, the ratios of your own anatomical composition, to the crystalline formation pattern of a simple, yet complex snowflake…there is an incredible scientific connection to ProForm! 

What athletes have discovered on their own ProForm journey is that the architecture of the Universe and everything in it abides by the rules and laws of these precise mathematical ratios. Simply put, ProForm is connected at every detectable interval to these ratios, and therefore is the only kicking method in the world with absolutely no compensations.

Look, if ProForm doesn't blow your mind...nothing will!

Why Choose ProForm Virtual Program?


  • Weekly access to live 1-on-1 private virtual training sessions
  • Unlimited access to ProForm Philosophies Course material
  • Eye-Opening experience in learning just how unique ProForm is
  • Access to detailed Form Specific Drills, Not result driven drills
  • One-Time Annual Fee - Allows for access to ProForm
  • Fundamental monitoring & maintenance throughout the annual program

See what ProForm Virtual is all about!

What You'll Get During This 12-Month Long Training Package:

ProForm Philosophies Training Course Lessons (8), Course Outlines, Red Flag Videos, Form Driven Drills, and Live 1-on-1 Individual Form Maintenance Lessons.

  • ProForm Philosophies, Outlines, Red Flag Videos, & Drills:
    • Access to (8) pre-recorded ProForm Philosophies Course Zoom Classes.
      • Covering very detailed information on Field Goals, Kick-Offs, and Punts.
    • Summarizing Outlines associated with course lessons.
    • "Red Flag" Videos, referring to common mistakes and fixes to those mistakes.
    • Detailed Form-Driven Drills (Unlike any you've ever seen before).
  • Private Live 1-on-1 Form Maintenance Virtual Sessions:
    • Live Private Virtual Training Sessions - Athletes will be responsible for contacting Coach Hollis to schedule each live session.
      • 60 Minute Live Zoom Sessions - 2 Sessions Per Month (24 total - over 12 month period).
        • Athletes have the option to do up to 4 Sessions per month.
          • Additional Sessions (above and beyond the original 24 paid program sessions) - $80 per Session.
      • With our new affiliation with BeONE Sports, we will soon be using BeONE's "Comparative Training" technology!
    • Class Sample.
  • BUY NOW  (24 Sessions)

ProForm Virtual Training graduate, Brent Harris shares his experience with the Virtual program:

“I started kicking a football at the age of nine. After being largely self-taught throughout my career in high school and college, I thought my kicking days were over, but I always kept up with kicking coaches across the country and the kickers who trained with them. ProForm was something that always jumped out at me for some reason. At 38 years old, I decided to start the process of getting in shape and doing what I love—kicking a football. I knew Mike was the guy I wanted to work with. Since starting the ProForm journey, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my technique, not to mention the fact that my body holds up so much better at my age with ProForm compared to my previous technique. ProForm is the most efficient and body-friendly form of kicking. Period. With ProForm, not only am I seeing major improvements, but I am able to train longer and more regularly, making me feel like a kid again kicking in the backyard and loving it! Mike’s eye for detail in kicking is uncanny. He is a player’s coach and his knowledge of the art of kicking is unparalleled. Young or old, ProForm is the way to go!”

Brent Harris - University of Tennessee Martin on a football scholarship where Brent played three years as the kicker and punter for the Skyhawks.


See what ProForm Virtual is all about!