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ProForm Kicking Academy Instructional Video Series consists of 13 separate video clips that range from 6 to 11 minutes each. They cover very detailed information on Field Goal Kicking, Kickoffs, and Punting. Here is a breakdown of the entire video series content:

***Field Goal Kicking – Ball Placement and Line-Up***

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This video demonstrates the proper ball placement on the field goal tee and ground and proper field goal line-up.  There are a variety of different ways the ball can be placed by the holder in a field goal attempt, and many of these ways can negatively affect the flight of the football.  We will discuss the correct ball placement to get the most consistency out of your field goal attempts.  The line up is the most over looked aspect of the field goal kicking fundamentals and many athletes take it for granted.  We will teach the most consistent way to line up for field goals and discuss the importance of this aspect of the kick.

***Field Goal Kicking – The Approach Line***

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The Field Goal Approach Line is one of the most important attributes within the kick.  To many kickers feel the need for a lot of lateral movement on their approach.  These movements are difficult to repeat exactly on every kick and ultimately result in less efficiency.  In this video we will discuss and demonstrate the most natural approach line, the easiest to repeat, achieving maximum consistency.

***Field Goal Kicking – Approach Speed and Momentum***

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These fundamentals can make or break a kicker, with regards to consistency.  This video will open the eyes of many kickers who place too much importance on kicking with their leg only.  The proper Approach Speed and Momentum of the kick is really what defines the “smooth” kick.

***Field Goal Kicking – Plant Foot Location, Vertical Body Position, and Momentum***

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We will discuss the huge importance of the Plant Foot Location (showing ground, 1” tee and 2” tee ball placements); Vertical Body Position (at the point of the kick); and Momentum (at and through the kick).  Much like many of the fundamentals that we coach, these aspects of the kick need to be done properly, and in conjunction with the other attributes that we teach, in order to achieve the best results.

***Field Goal Kicking – Kicking Foot Angle, Back Swing, and Kick Swing***

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We take a very different approach to the proper way that these three attributes of the kick should be performed.  In this video we will show some things that go against many of the common techniques taught from other kicking coaches out there!  If done properly, and in conjunction with the other fundamentals taught, these attributes of the kick will give maximum consistency, height, and distance to the kick!

***Field Goal Kicking – Kicking Follow-Through***

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The kicking follow-through is one of the most neglected fundamentals of many kickers, and for many reasons.  This motion is ultimately the “byproduct” of everything performed “before” it (the approach and actual swing). This video will demonstrate what really makes a good follow-through and how important it is in every kind of kick!

***Kick-Offs – Ball Placement and Kick-Off Steps***

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This video demonstrates the proper ball placement on the kick-off tee, as well as the proper kick-off line-up and steps.  There are a variety of different ways the ball can be placed on the tee and many kickers waste a lot of time experimenting and changing this.  The steps can often be the most over looked aspect of kick-off fundamentals and many athletes take it for granted.  In this video we will demonstrate the proper way to find your own personal kick-off steps in order to maximize the power of this type of kick!

***Kick-Offs – From Approach Line to Follow-Through***

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These fundamentals are extremely important, as they are the foundation of the kick-off!  There are very many kickers that are doing way too much work throughout all of these different aspects of the kick, and they are not taking advantage of utilizing their “body” in the kick.  This video will show the proper approach line, approach speed, momentum, body position, and follow-through of the kick-off.


***Punting – Ball Drop, Approach Line, and Follow-Through***

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These three fundamentals of the punt all relate to each other and need to properly co-exist in order to achieve your best punt.  Many punters have the impression that they need to use lateral motion on the approach, an inward turn of the ball, and a “swiping” style of follow-through in order to generate a spiral punt.  In this video, we will demonstrate the most consistent and proper way to achieve the spiral, without the unnecessary lateral motions and turned ball drop!

***Punting – Approach Steps***

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Much like the approach speed, the punting approach steps can be taken for granted and ultimately become uncontrollable.  Incorrect approach steps are commonly learned at young ages and can be difficult to change.  This video will cover the correct fundamentals to achieve proper approach steps and will demonstrate issues with incorrect approach steps.

***Punting – Approach Speed***

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In this video, we will demonstrate the proper approach speed of the punt and we will explain the ways this speed can be affected negatively and positively.  Many punters feel the need to rely on fast, aggressive, and uncontrolled approach speeds and the consistency is just not there in these types of punts.  Consistency and power come with smooth, controlled approach speeds and we will show the proper ways to achieve them.

***Punting – Plant Foot, Body Position, and Leg Swing***

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This video focuses on the very important punting attributes around the point of impact on the ball.  These three fundamentals are ultimately the result of the many movements made from the beginning of the punting approach.  They are extremely important when implementing the athlete’s body and leg, together as one unit, when punting the ball.

***Punting – Ball Placement, Approach Line, and Follow-Through***

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These three fundamentals have one thing in common…straight-forward!  They all relate to each other and if one is different than the rest, there is room for inconsistency.  And they can all affect each other in both good ways and bad ways.  This video will demonstrate how they relate and the proper way to achieve them.

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