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mike hollis

"Playing in a total of 132 NFL games in 8 seasons (including playoffs), scoring 949 career points, with an overall field goal percentage of 80.6% (88.9% in career playoffs), standing 5'7" tall and 180lbs, I'd say that my success was a direct result of my trusted 'Pro'Form technique!"

Mike Hollis, Retired 9 Year NFL All-Pro Kicker.

Coach Mike Hollis began his kicking career back in 1985 serving as the kicker on his junior high school football team and continuing throughout high school, college, and eventually the NFL. After high school, Coach Hollis chose to play at the community college level and eventually walked on at the University of Idaho (Division 1-AA). He began his professional career in 1994 with the San Diego Chargers (pre-season only) and retired in 2003, spending 7 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 year with the Buffalo Bills, and 1 year with the New York Giants. During that time Coach Hollis (includes playoffs)

  • Played in 132 NFL games throughout his career
  • Was selected to the 1998 Pro Bowl after leading the NFL in scoring with 134 points
  • Connected on 216 of 268 field goals (80.6%)
  • Scored 949 points
  • Had a consecutive streak of 20 field goals
  • Was voted AFC Special Teams Player of the Week 4 times
  • Had his best season in 2000, converting on 24 of 26 field goals (92.3%), even when he missed 4 games after his second of 3 back surgeries.

Mike presently holds some very impressive rankings in NFL history. He sits atop some of the highest percentages in field goals over 50 yards (13/19, 68.4%); high accuracy over 40+ yard field goals (63/92, 68.5%); top 10 in field goal accuracy in the playoffs (16/18, 88.8%); and an overall field goal accuracy (80.0%).

Throughout his career, Mike has been in the presence of many legendary kickers and punters. He has learned from these individuals and even worked with a number of them as well. Bryan Barker (Punter, Pro Bowl '98, 16 years, retired), Chris Hanson (Punter, Pro Bowl '02, 11 years, retired), Brian Moorman (Punter, 2-time Pro Bowler '06, '07, 9 years, retired), Jeff Feagles (Punter, Pro Bowl '09, 22 years retired), John Carney (Kicker, Pro Bowl '95 & '09, 21 years, retired), Darren Bennett (Punter, 2-time Pro Bowler '96 & '00, 11 years, retired), Joe Zelenka (Snapper, 11 years, retired), and David Binn (Snapper, San Diego, 17 years, retired), are just a few of the very successful specialists that Mike has worked with. Mike has created a reputation among many NFL kickers and coaches as having one of the most efficient and smooth kicking forms during his career.

ProForm Coach

Jim Gaetano

Coach Jim Gaetano is a long time high school, college, and professional kicking, punting, and snapping coach (15 years with Mike Hollis). Jim was a kicker and graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has had numerous tryouts with NFL teams. He was able to spend the 1987 preseason with the Kansas City Chiefs, after spending some time completely changing the way he thought about kicking, while learning this NEW method of kicking on his own. He has coached All State, All American, and All Pro kickers and punters including All Pro Punter Brian Moorman of the Buffalo Bills as well as Mike Hollis. Jim has been around the game of football and special teams for more than 35 years!

At just 15 years of age, Mike was introduced to Jim's coaching style and was hooked. Throughout high school, college, and the NFL, Jim has been by his side...attending as many practices and games as he could. Jim played a very instrumental role in preparing Mike for college games, NFL tryouts, and ultimately, his entire NFL career.

In 1997, Jim had taken his recruiting experience and guidance to the next level. He became an NFL agent and represented Mike for 7 of the 9 years he was licensed. Throughout this time Jim had established many relationships with college and NFL coaches. Jim has now decided to focus all of his time and energy to coaching the skills involved with Special Teams!

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